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Zebra Jasper

Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop:Zebra Jasper as it’s name implies has black and white markings. This combination of colors is an important aspect of this crystal as it represents balance. On the one hand, the white in Zebra Jasper helps to connect with and open the Crown Energy Center, while the black stimulates the physical body. It brings you into the moment or NOW, yet most of this is done, though increasing physical awareness and sensations in the body.

Another aspect of this crystal that stands out is that it feels stronger or more complete when holding two different pieces of Zebra Jasper at the same time. There are a few stones that feel more potent when working in pairs; Blue Aragonite and Shaman Stones are two that come to mind. This is an indicator of the strong focus on balance that this crystal holds.

When you think of balance consider masculine and feminine energies. Action and contemplation, intuition and analysis, feelings and thoughts, giving and receiving. This is what Zebra Jasper invites.

This may also be why this is recognized as a healing crystal for many. It brings a whole-being, centered perspective to challenging situations or illnesses. It allows you to hear and process information on cause, treatment and recovery, yet remain in touch with what feels accurate and right for you. The types of things that people work with range from emotionally based dis- ease such as depression or anxiety to physical challenges where pain is a component or there are two aspects of the physical that need to heal in conjunction with one another. This could mean from a break or cut, to tendon & joint, muscle & tissue, etc.

One powerful aspect of using Zebra Jasper in your healing process is that it assists with spiritual comprehension of what you are experiencing. It is common for accidents, injuries or dis-ease to be present when we are not. Working with this crystal can help you stay present and clear while moving through the healing process.

Properties:  Self-awareness, Clarity, Balance

Mohs Scale – Hardness

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