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White Calcite

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: White Calcite (or Clear Calcite) has a gentle energetic quality that conjures the feeling of comfort and protection. Think of buttery-soft leather gloves that warm and protect your hands. White Calcite protects you from emotional turmoil more than anything physical. It is like a reminder to be gentle with your own heart. The sense of comfort connects you with the energy of unconditional love which is always available when you connect with your Divine essence.

White Calcite helps you to quiet the busy mind and tap into the Heart Energy Center. Imagine snuggling up under a blanket in front of a fire or watching the night sky. Instead of trying to mentally calculate what your week will be like, White Calcite helps to melt those distractions away as you simply enjoy the moment and comfort of your situation. It is that sense of “life is good” that this crystal carries with it.

Additionally, White Calcite is a great stone to help you see the bigger picture. This does not mean a focus on your “to-do list,” but instead, means a focus on where you are in your life’s journey. This can be a very important evaluation, especially during feelings of an unclear future or elusive decisions. Sometimes you need the reminder of the road you’ve already traveled in order to see the relational value of what your present moment offers to you, even if it is simply that everything generally works out for the best. As the expression goes, “sometimes it is hard to see the trees through the forest.”

Properties: Balance, Manifestation, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7 7.5

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