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Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: Ulexite is a crystal for understanding in new ways the events and circumstances of your life. It creates a connection with your Third Eye Energy Center which promotes easy access to your intuitive gifts of clairvoyance.

An important part of any journey is noticing the signposts, mile markers, billboards and landmarks along the way. It is easy to put your head down and “power through,” especially when the road seems long or intense. However, when you engage your intuitive senses and allow them to reveal the synchronicity and coincidences along your path, you will discover the shortcuts, rest stops, vistas and enjoyment along the way. Ulexite can be an important reminder to enjoy the journey.

One of the unique attributes of this stone is its ability to be seen through. It can also help you feel the essence of what lies beyond it. If you are someone who waits until things become crystal clear before you make a choice or a decision, this can be an important metaphor. Many times, you won’t need a crystal level of clarity to know the truth or the essence of a decision. If you are someone who struggles with making timely decisions, Ulexite could be an ideal ally.

Ulexite can easily connect you with Higher Realms and your own Higher Guidance. As a result, if you are someone who does “intuitive insight work” with other people, this is a good crystal to have in your tool kit.

Properties:   Self-awareness, Higher Guidance, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2.5

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