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Energy Center: Throat

The Full Scoop: Turquoise is an ideal stone for anyone who leads ceremonies, host events, teaches courses or in general needs to connect with a group or audience to relay information and get the audience fully engaged to create a visceral experience. By working through the Heart Energy Center it strengthens the self-expression associated with the Throat Energy Center. It connects the speaker’s personal passion with the lineage and history of their material and/or ceremony.

In some cases this may be a direct connection with a similar ceremony (wedding, house-blessing, graduation, etc…) Other times it is a more general connection, such as a workshop, shamanic journey, family gathering, concert, etc.

Turquoise has been used for centuries as adornment or ceremonial embellishment to signify beauty, status, self-attainment or honor. As a result it is part of the history, legends and lore of many cultures especially with the native or indigenous peoples from Asia, Egypt the Middle East, and North & South America. As a result, it is easy to feel a sense of reverence when holding or wearing Turquoise.

Because fine Turquoise carvings, inlays and jewelry have been given to elders, shamans, priests, chiefs and medicine people for many years, there is also a strong sense of gratitude, honoring and protection that is associated with Turquoise. It signified a place of honor for the owner or recipient. It was a way of acknowledging that they were someone for others to learn from, with great reverence for their wisdom, leadership, insight and life experience.

Another aspect of Turquoise is the ability to draw out the individuality of the artist or craftsmen. Great pride was given to not only honor traditional symbols and images when creating pieces from Turquoise, but to also present them in creative and unique ways. From silver, copper or gold settings to inlay with other stones and gems. This means that it also creates a strong connection from the Reproductive to the Throat Energy Center. It supports the artist in connecting with their Higher-Self’s desire for expansion and expression.

Turquoise supports increased self-confidence and self-esteem. This is especially true when it comes to trusting your ability to find the right words or way to express yourself in a variety of situations. Part of this comes from the calming effect of Turquoise… however, much credit should be given to connecting you to “Earth” energies that are so important to most indigenous traditions and philosophies. These cultures valued a balance with nature and saw themselves as part of the whole, versus our current world view of “man” being in charge or having a perceived “control”.

Properties:   Self-awareness, Creativity, Communication

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5 – 7

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