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Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: Sunstone is an ideal crystal to connect with when you are trying to get things done!  It is first and foremost aligned with the true essence of masculine energies.  Action, decisiveness, resilience, forward movement, strategy, leadership and more.  These energies are not distorted with competition, greed, fear, manipulation or dominance.  As a result, when you connect with them, it may feel very different than the way masculinity is portrayed in these modern times.

Sunstone promotes collaboration and community.  When each of us is honored for our unique contributions and gifts, there is plenty of room at the table for everyone.  This is another way in which clear and clean masculinity is not recognized.  When pure masculine energy is present, if someone else in the room is more well suited for a particular role, position, duty or task, it is freely released.  What is good for the group (tribe) is held in the highest regard.

As a result, if you are someone who stays away from your gifts or innate abilities because of others (what they will say, think or do), or for fear of shining a light upon yourself… Sunstone may assist with releasing these limiting beliefs.  Our uniqueness is the key to connecting with the spirit of Oneness.  These types of limiting beliefs can challenge self-esteem, self-confidence and promote hiding or false modesty.

Many of us are conditioned from an early age, not to stand out.  Or perhaps to “be like the others”.  We are willing to struggle internally versus create conflict or discomfort for others.  Sunstone can be an ally to connect with a stronger knowing of your authentic self!

Properties:  Self-awareness, Clarity, Balance

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5 – 7.2

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