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Spiderman Jasper

Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Spiderman Jasper is a crystal of resilience and determination. It supports you to look deeper within to access the motivation and find the resolve to follow-through on creating your dreams. Sometimes we forget that it takes the same amount of energy to dream small as it does to dream big. In some cases we tell ourselves that we are not deserving of what we truly desire. Spiderman Jasper can assist in eliminating this limiting belief.

The name even implies a unique ability. The ability to navigate and traverse the terrain with ease and grace. It is about looking deep to find the spiritual warrior that resides within and then allowing it to guide and glide you forward! This is often done with quiet, ease and grace… versus bravado or noise.

Visually you can detect the “Web of Life” in the markings of Spiderman Jasper. It is a reminder that there are many ways to reach your desires and that sometimes you simply have to look around to find the resources or route that you require.

This is an ideal crystal to remind you that you live in a world of particles and spaces. Often times we only see the particles, when the answer we seek may be in the space. This is the difference between DO-ing and BE-ing! The way to connect with the way forward is by sitting still.

Finally, there is a lot of movement and action associated with Spiderman Jasper. These are masculine energies, however, Spiderman Jasper helps us connect with the healthy aspects of these energies versus the domination energies that are so prevalent today. Use this crystal to tap into your passion, resourcefulness, determination, decisiveness and truth.

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Balance

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6 – 6.5

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