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Specular Hematite

Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: Specular Hematite has the characteristic of shimmering, silver flecks against dark gray or charcoal colored Hematite.  It has playful energies that are more mature than other crystals that are known for their playful energies.  This means that it can help you connect with the energies that are “fun” for you now, versus say when you were a child.

Stimulating you with playful energies can offer a major boost for creative projects that either require you to “think outside the box” or have simply been stalled.  It may assist you in getting the juices flowing again.  Often, it can seem as though the project itself is what lacks stimulation.  The reality is the perception of the project is yours.  It could be that you would rather be doing something else or in comparison the effort required to complete something does not measure up to the perceived pay-off.  If either of these are the case, Specular Hematite may be of assistance.

Sometimes our minds get active on a hamster wheel turning the same things over and over trying to figure things out.  Often, we reach a decision or create movement simply out of frustration or boredom.  Although there is nothing wrong with using these as your motivation, it can be more powerful to be discerning.  Discern what is appropriate or most clearly aligned with your own intentions and make the choice AND taking the action(s) that is aligned with that choice.  Specular Hematite may stimulate a more thoughtful personal approach.

Another way that you can work with this stone is to stimulate your dreamtime.  Especially if you like to “travel” in your dreams.  The energies of Specular Hematite encourage exploration while at the same time giving a sense of grounding.  The way this may play out in your dreamtime is a stronger sense of time and transitions in your dreams.  This is especially true if you normally experience  rapid scene changes with little continuity in the images of your dreams.

Specular Hematite offers a strong sense of self while offering compassion and awareness of the sometimes brittle nature of the relationships in our lives.  It supports you in standing in your strength and at the same time honoring the fragility of those who may not be standing on solid ground.

Properties:  Self-awareness, Creativity, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5.5 – 6.5

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