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Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: This Third Eye Energy Center stone can provide a sense of speed and agility when it comes to the mental body.  In addition, it can create a stronger link to the spiritual energy body too.  This sense of speed and agility allows you to navigate a lot of information quickly and to assess its value. Because Sodalite doesn’t appear to promote much emotional energy, the ability to get to pros and cons is more streamlined.

Your mental body is one that has been over-taxed for years. Because we live in countries and cultures that have valued action and decisiveness for so many centuries, we have rewarded quickness of the mind. We have asked our minds to work alone for far too long.  Our energy bodies were designed to work in unison with each other, each energy body providing a unique prospective of our roles in the reality we create each day. When only one of the energy bodies is relied upon to help us navigate it can become easily drained and/or distorted.

By working with Sodalite you may create an ideal environment to process through a lot of thought in-formation or energy, without taking on denser emotional energies which can be one of the risks of not having your energy bodies in balance.  As this in-formation is being processed and released, you find that you are more connected to your spiritual energy body allowing stronger intuition and access to your Abstract Senses. It allows you to tap into your own Higher Guidance.

A practical energy is associated with Sodalite, which means that your are more inclined toward or aligned with actual work or useful activities. This can feel like reduced distractions or clear priorities and is very helpful if you have challenges with time-management.  The interesting thing is that Sodalite does not do this by getting you out of your head so much as it quiets the miscellaneous noise that can accompany a busy mind.

You may find that it helps you deliver your message, whether orally or in writing, with more clarity and conciseness.

Properties: Balance, Intuition, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5.5 – 6

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