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Snakeskin Agate

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Snakeskin Agate offers an invigorating energy that supports the release or letting-go phase of transformation. On the one hand, it offers vitality and an increased awareness of the role our bodies play in the shifting into something new. Yet its most important property is allowing old (no longer needed) emotions to surface so they can be released. An important aspect of this particular phase of transformation is the realization that the reason we are experiencing the shift, is due to our personal growth. What used to fit, no longer does.

Because Snakeskin Agate works with the Emotional Energy Body, it can feel emotionally very calming. The shift may not be any easier, as this usually implies making changes, doing something different or something new—however, it will assist it making these changes seem more aligned with where you currently are or where you see yourself being in the near future.

You may also experience a deeper connection with your body as you feel the need to shake off the remaining debris from whatever you are releasing. This is an ideal time to look for physical activity that has you “work up a sweat” or has a lot of movement. When you can make the connection between the emotional and physical release, you create muscle memory that is easy to tap into as you move forward. If you begin to feel like you are being drawn back into old ways of doing things, the physical activity you have associated with the transformation will offer a potent talisman or reminder of what you are moving toward and what you are moving away from.

Snakeskin Agate offers a great reminder of the cycles of life, the layers of change and of our own multi-dimensionality. We all have aspects of ourselves that influence how we respond to various situations. Inner Child, Tenacious Teenager, Inner Critic, Warrior, are just a few examples of the aspects of self that assist us in navigating life. When these aspects are in balance and are honored for their role in our lives, it is easier to find our personal center—our position of strength. When we rely to heavily on one or two of them, our view becomes skewed. Snakeskin Agate assists us with seeing ourselves with more clarity and allowing more tolerance for our humanness!

Properties: Transformation, Clearing, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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