Shungite | The Magic of Crystals


Energy Center: Root

Full Scoop: Shungite is one of the most popular stones for helping to clear the electromagnetic field (EMF) of energies that surround us. It helps to neutralize and eliminate the static, disruptive energies produced by the hoards of electronic devices that surround us.

Computers, cellphones, tablets, televisions, radios, chargers, microwaves, amplifiers and more. Unless someone lives in a remote village, with little to no electronic equipment or power lines nearby, it is hard to escape being bombarded by EMFs.

Many people are sensitive to these invisible waves of energy, but are unaware that this is what is causing the discomfort or distress in their lives. For some this exposure to EMFs is intense, while for others it may simply manifest as being scattered in their thoughts or not feeling grounded or balanced.

Wearing or carrying Shungite may help to alleviate some of theses issues.

Shungite is a popular Crystal for use in infused waters or elixirs. Because of its high concentration of carbon, it offers the sensation of clearing and aligning the fluid systems of the body. Harmonizing the interaction between the organs and glands.

For those who are empathic, but have yet to develop the skills to naturally release emotional energies originating from other people or spaces, Shungite may be the perfect partner. It can help to shield or dissipate those energies before they are taken on. It provides a layer of protection until skills and practices for harnessing empathy are developed.

Shungite is a strong grounding stone. In addition to clearing the field around you, it can also help establish a strong sense of safety and security. That feeling of being sure-footed or rooted into the ground. Being grounded is a powerful way to know your way forward. It is by knowing where you currently are and knowing the right next step, that we navigate the path to a desired future. Shungite can help you feel strongly anchored into your physical body.

With its natural properties of clearing and grounding, Shungite is an ideal ally for increased practicality. The mindful awareness of how to get something done. The ability to see the advantages or disadvantages of a direction or choice. Achieving results in a simple and straightforward manner.

Energy Center: Root

Energy Body: Physical

Properties: Clearing, Protection, Vitality