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Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: Hold Serpentine in your hand for a few minutes and feel the energy start to move up your arm and then throughout your body.  It is no wonder this stone is so frequently associated with helping move the Kundalini energy up from the base of your spine all the way through the energy  centers to your crown.   Serpentine clears and balances your energy centers as it moves.

This stone is much more about developing the practice of    moving this energy in controlled succession than it is the actual spiritual transformation that the Kundalini awakening is known for.  By working with Serpentine and developing comfort with these energy movements, when we do experience those periods of awakening or transformation, the process is gentler and   easier to absorb into your cellular memories.

It is also a stone that creates connection and awareness with Nature.  Even for those of us who live in manufactured environments that are designed by human beings, we see the  interconnectedness of the Nature that surrounds us.  We see the trees’ relationship to the Earth, the grass that gives way to  flowers and shrubs and the Earth that demands to be seen.  It is in seeing this that we begin to connect to our own Oneness.

Because it resonates with Nature, Serpentine is a stone that can help you access information about the evolution of   consciousness and spirituality here on earth.  By working with Serpentine you may gain greater understanding of the Consciousness evolution we are currently going through, not only by glimpsing information from the past on this dimension, but from other dimensions as well.

This does not mean that every time you pick up a piece of Serpentine you will have a profound experience.  However, each time you work with Serpentine, even the smallest reminder of our Oneness and spiritual evolution is captured in your personal history and DNA.  One more dot in our connect-the-dots lives!

Serpentine is a very common stone.  It is readily available.  It is also a stone that likes to be noticed.  Even a polished piece has a way of getting your attention.  You may want to use it as a touchstone or worry stone rubbing it to release pent-up energy.  What you will find is that the surface reveals itself and in fact, almost demands to be noticed.  This speaks to its desire to share the moment with you.  The texture of Serpentine speaks to its friendliness, and it serves as a reminder to stay in the Now.

Properties:  Balance, Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3

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