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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: As the color of this stone often indicates, this is a Heart Energy Center stone first and foremost. With that said, because of the way it moves energy in, around and through the body, it actually works with all of your energy centers.  It is very much a stone that is focused on physical healing.

One senses that Seraphinite accomplishes much of its work by forcing the intuition that comes from the third eye to connect with the much more body-oriented instincts and intuition that are centered in the stomach or solar plexus.  Through this connection we feel an energy that seems to follow a clockwise motion and creates an awareness of the interrelated functions of the organs of the body.  As the energy moves it almost feels as if it is going through a checklist to ensure that all systems of the body are functioning well together.

This has a clearing effect on the body.  As you allow the energy to move from one area of your body to another you have the sense of mini-tune-ups along the way.  It gives you the sense of coming back to your center by making you aware of all that your body does for you without needing to be coaxed.  At the same time, when you put your attention on your body and the magical systems within, then you can set the intention of ease, flow and collaboration between the different organs, pathways and protection systems of the body.

At the same time Seraphinite asks us to expand our awareness of what is around us.  It has us examine where there is flow versus where there are blockages.  It asks us to shift just enough to allow a more consistent connection with what supports us and to step away from those barriers, hurdles or sand-traps that inhibit or distract us from following the path of ease.

The good thing about the way Seraphinite does this is that it allows you to see your relationship to these areas of constriction and what role you play in keeping them in place.  It is through this lens that you can shift your distorted view of their significance or meaning. Many times these are the areas where you feel victimized or martyred. Allow Seraphinite to connect you with a stronger identity of Self.

It is the focus on the relationships and flow between the organs of the body or our relationship to life that give Seraphinite its sense of access to the Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realm. As you find your sense of connection to this stone, this is a good time to ask for any information that is available to you in that moment from either of these Higher Dimensions. Allow it to flow to you with ease!

Properties: Balance, Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2 – 3

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