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Septarian Nodule

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Septarian Nodule captures your attention through its playful patterns and colors. It can be easy to feel the pulsating energies of fun and intrigue that it stimulates within the physical body. It is here to remind you that there is a game in process and you are the main player.

Since this is a crystal that stimulates your Solar Plexus Energy Center, this stone opens you to the higher-vibrational, expansive emotions. If you are absorbed in projects or even relationships where all you can sense is the work involved in them, Septarian Nodule could be an ideal stone with which to work.

Imagine that you are in a maze, feeling lost, and going around in circles simply waiting for the exit to materialize in front of you. Septarian Nodule’s energies remind you that life is about the journey and the fun you create along the way. It does not solve the maze or magically present the outcome. Instead, it helps you find your inner resources that anchor you back into feeling carefree and intrigued by the surrounding wonder.

When you can connect with the carefree intrigue that already resides inside of yourself, you are more likely to access all of your senses simultaneously and know which ones to call upon. This might be your familiar senses, or it could be your intuitive senses. Like most humans, when you feel caught up in a maze and the resolution feels elusive, you might tend to shut down most of your ability to know and sense. You have then given your power away to the maze.

Septarian Nodules also project tenacity and resolve. These energies are what create the bridge between your Solar Plexus Energy Center (which is the message center for your full range of emotions) and the Root Energy Center (home to messages of safety and security). A strong connection between your lower energy centers is also how you successfully manifest your desires and bring them into the physical world. Using the maze example, when you engage the playful and fun energies needed to connect you with the needed senses, you will also find the resolve and awareness to create the desired outcome – a potent combination.

Properties: Clarity, Creativity, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3 – 4

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