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Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: This is a fabulous stone for clearing clutter and confusion from your mind. Many of us process the same situations over and over in the mind. We relive a conversation, revisit a choice we made in the past, wonder about what we will be doing or who we will be with in the future. All of this takes us out of the moment. Selenite is a powerful tool for bringing us back into the Now.

This is important for us because the overactivity or use of the mind when left unchecked can create negative emotional energy that is denser and harder to clear. This denser emotional energy or dis-ease, if not cleared, leads to even denser physical dis-ease.

On the other hand, many of us think that if our mind is running on a positive situation that this is a good thing. The emotions these thoughts generate are expansive, right? The answer is “Maybe!” What must be taken into consideration is whether or not we are taking ourselves out of the present for too long by running those emotions,. For those who are operating on positive possibility the question to ask yourself is, “Do you feel grounded?”

Because Selenite works primarily with the mental and spiritual aspects of self, its energy affects the Third Eye and Crown Energy Centers. It is considered one of the most intense energies of any of the stones for these energy centers. It is fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, as well as clearing congested energies or negativities from the etheric body.

The energy centers that are outside the body are where the energies of Possibility and Probability reside. It is the clearing and cleansing of these energy centers that open them up to the revitalizing and healing energies of grounding and centering. Working with Selenite in these energy centers will help lift your awareness to higher planes of inner experience.

If you feel as though you need assistance to meet your guides and/or angels consciously, this is a good stone to work with in meditation to establish and hold this connection much like Amethyst. The big difference here is that Selenite is helping you to clear the mental chatter to gain better access and stronger connections (through the Third Eye Energy Center). With Amethyst, the connections are through the Crown Energy Center, your Spiritual Energy Center.

Selenite wands are useful tools for healers to use as scanners within the energy fields of your body, as they help dissolve blockages and repair tears. These magic wands or prayer sticks help carry your intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond. When combined with other stones the energies can be amplified and harmonized as a whole.
Selenite is also useful in cleansing and clearing other crystals, stones and minerals of any negative energy. Ideally the piece of Selenite can be placed under the crystal or stone to allow the natural energy of gravity to quickly drain the negative energy out of the crystal or stone. However, even it is too small to place underneath, it will absorb the energies when placed beside or on top of the stone.

Remember, do not put Selenite under water as it is water-soluble.

Properties: Transformation, Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2

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