Scolecite | The Magic of Crystals


Energy Center: Crown

Description: Scolecite is a purposeful crystal intent on expanding your horizons. Making sure you understand the magic of being in physical form, while increasing your connection to the unseen world around you. It is an ideal talisman for those who do their manifesting work through the etheric realms or what some call ‘the more real’.

First, many will feel the high vibration of this crystal especially in the Crown and Third Eye Energy Centers. It is as if Scolecite wants to begin working with you by reminding you that you have chosen to take on physical form!

There is a reverent awareness that comes with this. A reminder that only a fraction of All-That-Is has any semblance of physicality…, only a small fraction. That it is a rare gift that should be treasured. It is easy to forget this, when we operate in a 3D world with seemingly solid people, places and things all around us.

We are consciousness in physical form. And yet our physical form is also an illusion. We think we are separate, because we have “our own body”. Yet we are enmeshed and apart of a gigantic energetic field. A morphogenic field where all consciousness is connected. This crystal helps us to feel this connection.

For those who are channels, artists, creators, inventors, explorers and way-showers, working with this crystal can help to intensify our connection to the areas where we are the most stimulated. Scolecite can also help us open to new pathways of consciousness, unseen entities, and even other dimensions.

For some this may be realized as new or fresh ideas, solutions to persistent problems, or a sense of alignment with something greater than themselves. For others it will be about developing specific connections, even relationships with the Unseen. For these individuals, there is a heightened ability to have two-way communication with unseen energies or entities.

With the increased connection to the unseen realms, worlds, and dimensions you are likely to have more vivid, colorful, or metaphorical dreams.

Energy Center: Crown (Third Eye & Throat)

Energy Body: Physical

Properties: higher guidance, communication, manifestation