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Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Ruby has a very pleasing combination of grounding energies for the physical body and balance for the emotional body.  This makes it an ideal stone to work with when being confronted with doubt or insecurity.  The initial sense of being energetically anchored in the body, gives way to a calming of the emotions that allows you to find your center.  It is much like the athlete who focuses on developing their core muscles in order to improve their focused sport.

Often, when you find yourself in times of indecision or doubt, if you closely you will find that you are emotionally out of balance.  Frequently this is because of the current circumstances of life.  Perhaps it is the number of situations that require your attention and the perceived amount of time you have to deal with them.  It is the tug-of-war that pulls you off center.

Additionally, this is also something that can develop over a long period of time.  As an example, if you have been dealing with a relationship or issue for an extended period of time, and feel a sense of responsibility for not having resolved or corrected it before.  This can lead to indecisiveness or doubt about your ability to deal with the person or situation.  This will have a tendency to take you out of your physical body, where it feels like your entire life is experienced in your mental and/or emotional bodies.

Ruby, provides gentle grounding energies to the Root Energy Center, which is where you deal with energetic information related to safety and security.  From here you can plant yourself in a position of strength.  Internal strength.  Insecurities are recognized for what they truly are, self-doubt that is circumstantial.

Ruby lends a zest and zeal to day-to-day routines and helps you reconnect with your passions!  It can assist in reconnecting with your original inspirations or intrigues and to find new ones.  There is an energy of enthusiasm that helps you think outside-the-box!  In this way it helps you to create and manifest wealth and prosperity.

Properties: Balance, Grounding Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 9

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