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Rose Quartz

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of Love! The soft pink color and the soothing energy of this stone should not indicate nor diminish its power. It provides intense stimulation and heart-healing properties.
Rose Quartz is one of the more potent stones for the Heart Energy Center. Its energetic support is important for self-realization and for inner peace. For those who as children did not feel loved or nurtured, this is an ideal stone to work with.

Often, if children grow up feeling unloved, it is hard for them to develop a positive self-image. They will subconsciously decide that they are not worthy of Love and then may not know how to give or receive Love from others. They can grow up with beliefs about themselves that mirror back their expectations of loneliness or a lack of self-worth. This can create a vicious circle. As adults they will often find it hard to nurture and love their own children. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, it is hard to attract positive circumstances or relationships.

Rose Quartz can assist in healing these internal scars. It can help to heal and erase these wounds by teaching forgiveness and helping the heart to learn to love itself. For an adult it can present memories from childhood that are positive and highlight where Love was available. This is the initial way it begins to add a soothing balm to old wounds. At the same time Rose Quartz will help to reveal the lessons that were contained in some of the childhood experiences that are important for the self and this will help a person to learn to nurture and love his or herself.

This stone penetrates the Heart Energy Center where our lessons about Love are held. Rose Quartz recalls the negative experiences, then empathizes and begins to dissolve the hardness or constriction that prevents the heart from giving or receiving Love. Once the energy from Rose Quartz starts to circulate within the energy center it brings peace and comfort. Slowly the constricting energy that has blocked the flow of Love is replaced with a strong sense of self-knowing and self-love. This is a process that can take weeks, months or years. It depends on the depth of emotional pain and the willingness to allow the heart to reprogram.

Rose Quartz stands as a reminder that all of us feel joy and sorrow AND that feeling a full range of emotions is one of the gifts of being human. This connects you with a high level of compassion and acceptance for yourself (just the way you are) and others (just the way they are).

Properties: Self-awareness, Balance, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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