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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: The beautiful pink to magenta color of Rhodochrosite makes it easy to assume that this is a crystal that resonates with the Heart Energy Center.  What can be a little surprising is it’s strong connection with the physical energy body and the actual heart organ and it’s circulatory system.

Rhodochrosite carries the energies of flow and movement. It is easily experienced in the physical body, making it an ideal crystal with which to work during periods of transition. Rhodochrosite helps to prevent repetitive thinking. If you allow your mind to be still, you will sense that your body can lead you through subtle messages and clues. It can be a challenge to hold a particular train of thought while working with Rhodochrosite.

Another strength of this crystal is its ability to help you focus on the “here and now.” You live in a time when multi-tasking is a valued skill and you are encouraged to weigh all of your options. Although there is nothing wrong with either of these considerations, Rhodochrosite reminds you that the options which are presented to you are not the only ones available to you. You can cultivate a stronger connection with your intuitive sense of knowing. In order for your intuitive senses to be of greater value, you must be in the present and not inhabiting your mind in the past or future.

Rhodochrosite has a way of making you comfortable with the complexity of a situation or of life in general. “Complex” does not necessarily mean “complicated.” Your life is a tapestry of interwoven relationships, events and circumstances. When you hold on too tightly, the weaving tends to tighten, perhaps with only one kind of yarn. From this perspective, it may appear that few options are present or that outcomes are predictable. However, you can change your perspective by energetically stepping back and observing what you have woven from a distance. Then you may find that you have access to many options and that what you have created is a tapestry filled with many different yarns.

Properties:  Clarity, Transformation, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3.5 – 4

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