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Red Jasper

Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: This Root Energy Center stone provides a grounding energy by creating and sending an energetic cord into the Earth. At the same time it is possible to feel a connection to energy of fire—a warming that happens deep in our core.  It is this combination of earth and fire energies that we sense as we find ourselves pulled into our physical body.

Red Jasper is a stone of resourcefulness.  As you become aware of being grounded and feel your connection to the planet it is easier to see how to navigate and proceed down your path.  The resourcefulness may present itself in many forms, such as a new perspective for dealing with an ongoing situation or the ability to stay present even when presented with a problem that in the past may have thrown you off balance.

Your ability to connect with what is right for you in the moment is enhanced. It can provide a needed boost of energy and endurance. It is possible to sense your entire essence being infused with new life. It has a strong connection to the Reproductive Energy Center of the body and, as a result, can help improve your desire for creative or sexual activities.

Another property of Red Jasper is its ability to connect you with the lineage of those who came before us. This is not necessarily your own ancestry but the ancestry of the people who inhabited the lands before you.  For many of us it is this awareness of the ancestry of the land and how indigenous cultures honored the Earth, that motivates us to find connections and balance with the Earth—to honor her by not adding to the pollution, destruction and/or her defacing.

Properties: Clarity, Grounding, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5 – 7

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