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Rainbow Obsidian

Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Rainbow Obsidian is creates a nice grounding energy that is firmly rooted in the lower energy centers, yet has a strong connection throughout your energy field.  It does this through the emotional energy body, so the sensations you may feel are as if the grounding energy is ‘around’ your body like a casing.  Instead of feeling this grounding energy within the physical body.

This can be important especially during times of transition or transformation as it is important to be able to move with the flow.  To allow yourself the freedom and flexibility to shift as needed.  Being able to identify and connect with where you going or what you are leaving behind is important.  With the properties of Rainbow Obsidian being experienced in the emotional body versus the physical, you have that freedom of movement yet the quality of grounding.  You also have a clearer understanding of how the transformation is impacting you.

Many stones that carry the energies of multiple colors are good during times of transformation. Rainbow Obsidian is one of them. When the colors reveal themselves in the light or at different angles, they are helping to build bridges between your energy centers.  The energy of purple or violet that resonates with the Crown Energy Center is intermingled with color green that resonates with the Heart, perhaps even gold that connects with the Solar Plexus.  However because of the intensity of the color black that is most prevalent, all these color energies are pulled to the lower two energy centers.  You will find that your creativity is increased as well as your awareness of the Joy the transitions in your life are creating.

Without this awareness of Joy and connection to creative energies, times of transformation and/or transition can feel confusing or heavy.

Rainbow Obsidian can also offer a conduit to exploring other dimensions or realms.  As an example if you are drawn to off-planet energies, by allowing yourself to be drawn into exploring the colors, patterns and structure of the Rainbow Obsidian you may find your senses opening to new levels of awareness of these energies.  Use it as a crystal of exploration.

Properties:  Clarity, Grounding, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5 – 6

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