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Quartz (Clear)

Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: Clear Quartz is the most multifunctional and versatile of all the crystals. When someone uses the word Crystal this usually implies Clear Quartz. It is the most abundant mineral on the planet and can be found on every continent. It is also used in almost every technology you can think of including computers, television, radio, medical equipment, satellites, household appliances and much more.

It has the ability to generate and amplify energy and to hold memories. As a result Clear Quartz crystals have been active record keepers and witnesses to the evolution of the planet and consciousness. Many people that believe that the original blueprint of the manifestation and evolution of consciousness in the physical world was originally downloaded as a hologram into a Quartz Crystal skull.

Because Clear Quartz is programable and can hold and amplify your intentions, it can be used to support any aspect of your life, and can work within any of the energy bodies. Spiritually it can connect you to ancient civilizations, other dimensions, Higher Guidance, soul purpose and the essence of the Divine. Mentally it can help stimulate new ideas, clarify concepts, prioritize and sequence tasks, and/or generally engage the logical or creative areas of the brain. Emotionally it can help raise awareness of constricting or expansive emotions, sooth the Emotional Body or accelerate the release or understanding of emotionally charged situations. Physically it can help release blockages held within the body, stimulate energy movement within the body and provide increased vitality and alertness.

It is a regular part of most healing modalities that include work with stones, minerals or crystals—from the laying on of stones, in geometric, numerical or intuitive patterns, body scans using wands (such as Vogel, natural double-terminated, laser, Pranic, and many others) or wearing or carrying them as jewelry talismans, ceremonial wear or pocket stones. Quartz may be used to open, clear, balance and stimulate the energy centers.
Its uses are limitless. For anyone who thinks they don’t work with crystals—this is one that is so integrated into our lives that it is impossible NOT to be working with Clear Quartz.

Properties: Clarity, Transformation, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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