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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Prehnite supports a strong alliance between the Heart and Solar Plexus Energy Centers. The primary connection is initiated though the Heart Energy Center and its natural connection to the energies of Unconditional Love. It is as if it lifts the emotions that are anchored in the Solar Plexus, creating a compassionate connection.

Our emotional fluency is measured by our ability remain authentic and true to ourselves in any moment. When our fluency is restricted, we begin to assert control over situation, people, events and even our own self-expression. By shining the light of Unconditional Love on our emotional field, we become more compassionate with the aspects of our emotions that insist on protecting, hiding, projecting, asserting or demanding certain behaviors or outcomes. It encourages hope and contentment.

When our emotional fluency is strong, it promotes a greater sense of gratitude and joy.

The power and potency of this connection can not be overstated. It is one of the ways that we free ourselves from limiting beliefs, constricting emotional patterns and the need to present ourselves as something that we are not. This can be played out as either better-than or less-than… which both come from insecurity.

Prehnite can be a powerful ally for energy-workers, who focus on releasing emotional blockages in others and for themselves. It promotes the movement and scattering of stuck emotional energies. For those who are empathic, it can help to ensure that they don’t take on the fragments and pieces of these released energies, ensuring that they don’t take these on as their own.

When working with or wearing Prehnite, allow yourself to see the gifts of your full-range of emotions. It is through our willingness to stand in the mess or chaos of discomfort (both positive and negative), while simultaneously knowing that by standing in our personal authenticity, every situation offers us a chance to grow and know ourselves better.

Properties:   Self-awareness, Clarity, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6 – 6.5

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