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Pink Danburite

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Pink Danburite is a crystal to work with when you are ready to tap into the Heartfelt Wisdom of the Ages.  It has a soothing energetic quality that begins in your Heart Energy Center and then radiates out from there.  Quickly you realize that you are focused on the here and now.  Acutely aware of your surroundings, yet detached from them having any meaning or significance, you are now aware of your oneness with All.

Crystals that connect first or foremost with the Spiritual Energy Body have a tendency to take you out of the busy mind and calm your emotions.  They help you connect with the multitude of messages that are available from your physical body.

With Pink Danburite energies of compassion, sympathy, and respect especially for the planet are heightened.  We are reminded of a time when we danced in harmony with Earth and that each resource that was given was a gift and not a right.  You may  or may not have actual recall of these lifetimes, however it is likely you will experience a sense of reverence for the gifts of Nature.

When we connect with Mother Nature and the planet Earth, we tap into the feminine energies that help bring balance to the world of ‘doing’.  The more you allow your natural feminine energies to find a balance that is right for you—the more you connect with your sense of oneness with the planet and the cycles of life.  These are very spacious energies.

Properties:  Clarity, Balance, Higher Guidance

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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