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Picture Jasper

Energy Center: Reproductive

Full Scoop: Think of Picture Jasper as the crystal of Lineage. Lineage of both your human ancestry and your spiritual evolution, often across multiple lifetimes. There are many ways to work with lineage that can alter or shift your day-to-day experience of life.

Many people find answers to the repetitive situations in their lives by revealing and working with past lives. Others explore lineage to understand issues of karmic debt. Then there are those who are using this lifetime to bring all of their consciousness evolution into one experience or perspective.., possibly for a Soul review.

Picture Jasper allows you to drop into a deeper state of contemplation. It helps bring a sense of clarity by looking at the bigger picture. Evaluating and assessing current situations based on a greater awareness of life’s purpose of the journey of the Soul.

It’s patterns and imagery stimulate the imagination in a gentle way. Triggering a sense of the past, but from the perspective of something we see or look back at without attachment. Helping us to understand the journey we have been on. The ups and downs, the twists and turns.

If we allow it to, it then begins to expand energetically beyond this lifetime. Sometimes to our ancestry or heritage, such as the role our parents, grandparents, and older relatives played in our development. But it can take us even further than that.

We are multidimensional beings who live in a 3 dimensional world. Many of us are raised without concept or awareness of what exists beyond our five physical senses. It is only when we begin the self-exploration of our internal senses or begin to associate to the pulsing energies that are all around and within us, that we become aware that we are more than we have allowed ourselves to know or remember.

The journey of self-discovery is a personal one. It is a creative and spiritual endeavor. Picture Jasper is one of the crystals you can use to look and expand your awareness beyond the circumstances of today. Fortunately, it can do this in a very soothing and supportive way.

Energy Center: Reproductive

Energy Body: Spiritual

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Creativity