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Petoskey Stone

Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: These unique stones/fossils, which are found along the shores of Lake Michigan, are fossilized coral that were created by the movement of glaciers.  They were named the “State Stone” for Michigan in 1965.

Petoskey Stones are very familiar with energetic metamorphoses and allowing circumstances and events to shift the very nature of ones being.  This makes it an ideal companion to support you during your times of transformation or major shifts.  In it’s own way, it shows us how we can allow the patterns of our lives to be present, even as we step into something new.

This can be a powerful message for those who are experiencing transitions, that appear on the surface, to require such a huge amount of change that EVERYTHING must go.  You may need to imagine what it would look and feel like to create a new and virgin future.  However, the truth is, we take our past with us—hopefully as a backdrop (not as a predictor of our future or burden in our present).  Petoskey Stones remind us that once we are through important times of transition, there will still be many new areas of SELF to discover.  After times of transition—discernment and choice are even more important in crafting the life we envision.

Petoskey Stones are triggers for intuitive learning.  By working with these stones and focusing on your hidden senses of clairvoyance and clear-knowing, you can strengthen your connection to the subtle energies that inform these senses.  They have also been known to strengthen the connection between people and other crystals and or stones.  If you are someone who is drawn to working with crystals, yet still have not built a strong sense of connection with their energies, this may be an ideal stone to carry or have with you, while working with other crystals.

Finally, Petoskey Stones are ambassadors for individuality!  You may have many things in common with many humans on the planet, but you are still unique.  In every age there has been a great desire to assimilate and fit in with whatever happens to be influencing the majority.  For those who didn’t, there was the risk of being outcast or labeled.  No time in our history has this been greater, just based on the technology that allows events and public opinion to circle the globe.  Never before have we been so inundated with images of “what is hot” and “what is not”.

However, we have also never been closer to knowing ourselves better and connecting with our hearts desire.  One of our greatest desires is to be ‘seen’ and recognized for who we truly and authentically are.  Not because we are so different from each other, but because when we find the Oneness within each other, our uniqueness makes the whole even more vibrant and rich.  The synergy is even more intense.

Properties:  Clarity, Transformation, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3

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