Peridot | The Magic of Crystals


Energy Center: Heart

One of the words that comes to mind when working with Peridot is boundaries. Because of the strong connection to the Heart Energy Center, it is as if this crystal helps to define and set healthy boundaries. This is important for everyone, and is a bonus if you are a parent, guardian, teacher and/or coach.

Peridot helps to increase the vibrancy of the Heart. From this more engaged and activated space it is easier to determine what works (or doesn’t work) for you. What is in alignment. As a result, it is as if it helps to establish a personal safe zone. Or in the case of someone else, a sense of what will serve or be for the highest good for someone you have responsibility for.

As an example, it is impossible for a parent to protect or shield their child from all of life’s challenges. Sometimes, it is actually healthier to allow a situation or choice to unfold, even when they know it will have impact. Peridot helps them to know when a situation may provide a life experience or life lesson that will build or strengthen the child in the long run. Peridot can assist someone in this position to hold a space and compassion for someone else’s journey.

The safe zone of the Heart is not a wall or barrier. It implies an openness and awareness of what works and what doesn’t. What resonates or has discourse. As a result, if someone has built a wall around their heart, experienced a broken heart, or feels the need to continually shield themselves from others.., Peridot may be an ideal crystal to work with to allow the wall to come down or the healing to be accelerated. A way for them to allow others to have access to their heart, without feeling as vulnerable.

Peridot is an ideal stone for someone who is a sensitive empath. Everyone is empathic. It is the degree to which they are impacted or influenced by the energies of others that determines how sensitive they are to emotional energies. Those who are first becoming aware of their empathic senses are often the most sensitive.

Those who develop an identity around their empathic ability can also be highly sensitive. This includes individuals who use being an empath to do their personal (usually healing) work… and also those who use empathy as a way to feel special or unique. Unfortunately the later can be very limiting and debilitating. Peridot may be the perfect ally to bring context and fine-tuning to the empathic abilities.

Peridot is an ideal crystal to work with during times of personal transformation.

Energy Center: Heart

Energy Body: Mental

Properties: Clarity, Transformation, Protection