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Orange Calcite

Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: Of all the Reproductive Energy Center stones that you might choose to work with Orange Calcite will be the most playful you will encounter—specifically the tangerine-colored Calcite that is normally found Mexico.  (Orange Calcite from Madagascar is nice but feels much more serious!)

This energy center is all about pleasure! Anything that makes you smile, be it a piece of music or your friend with the quirky sense of humor—if it brings you pleasure, it is stimulating your Reproductive Energy Center! Orange Calcite immediately activates this type of stimulating energy. It is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to hold…(like a juicy orange)!  It feels playful because it immediately lightens the mood and helps your mind start to drift.  This is probably the biggest reason it is associated with helping to relieve the symptoms of depression.  Rather than staying in the “energy of gray” that sometimes accompanies melancholy, it is as if you are infused with a shot of bright orange light.

Activating this energy center is also associated with stimulating sexual energy in the body. In this case it is ideal for not taking yourself so seriously.  For many, true sexual expression can be difficult if they feel there are perceived ways in which it is suppose to be expressed, shared or enjoyed. If you come from a background that frowned on it as pleasure or had rules about when, where and how, that can take the spontaneity and playfulness out of your sexual expressions.  Orange Calcite reminds you of the joy of your sexual nature.

In the same way, if you are looking for creative stimulation Orange Calcite can help you think outside the box.  If you already consider yourself a creative person, it may be the perfect tool when you are feeling blocked.  If, on the other hand, you feel as though you have no natural creativity (in your head too much), it can help you lighten up and see that creativity comes in many different forms. It encourages you to color outside the lines.  This is a great practice for those who are trying to get to a point in life where they are not taking themselves so seriously!

As you work with Orange Calcite to tap into the energies of pleasure, sexuality and creativity don’t be surprised to see an elevation of vitality and increased confidence.  These are all expansive energies and because they also add the element of playfulness, expect to move through your day with renewed zest.

Another area that Orange Calcite can assist with is in reframing your childhood experiences.  As adults we go through challenges or difficult situations and, for the most part, after some time has past, we can see how the situation actually served us.  We understand the ‘lesson’ and how to incorporate what we have learned into our lives.  This is not always true for the events that we encounter in our childhoods, and many of us never take the time to go back and reframe those experiences from the perspective of how they served us on our journey. Without putting these into perspective, it is easy to repeat the patterns of the events over and over again, hoping for or expecting different outcomes.

Properties: Clarity, Creativity, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3

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