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Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop: Moonstone allows us to access to the beautiful feminine inside all of us.  It can help both men and women tap into this warm, creative and spacious energy.  There is much to be said for ALLOWING which is what Moonstone is good at!

It works primarily with the Spiritual Energy Body and opens access to the Crown Energy Center.  That’s a double dose of connecting with your Higher Self with the ability to tap into the subconscious mind.  This is particularly important when trying to release or change old beliefs and forgotten experiences.  Many of the events or experiences that shape our beliefs on the surface seem mundane or perhaps irrelevant.  They were not tragic woundings or betrayals.  They were simply situations we witnessed and in the back of our minds (subconscious) we decided something like: “We would never (or always) do that!”

Bringing these hidden beliefs or choices into the light allows us to release or change them.  That is one of the gifts of Moonstone.  The fact that it does this in a gentle and loving way is a bonus.

Moonstone is also a great stone to help you develop your intuition and allows you step into the beautiful mystery of subtle energies in new ways.

Moonstone supports us in moving from our heads to our hearts. Passion and desire live in the heart.  When we can move our energy to the Heart Center we find what truly calls us. We know ourselves better because the mind is no longer using the filters of what we think others expect, want or need from us.

From here we make choices that are more aligned with our personal desires.
Many people are making the shift from doing to BEING. Learning to live in the moment, in the NOW, is an important part of living an abundant spiritual life.

Moonstone in one of the stones that may help you stay joyfully connected to the present.

Properties: Clarity, Higher Guidance, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6 – 6.5

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