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Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Mookite, also called Mook Jasper, is an enjoyable stone because of its many color combinations of reds, yellows, deep purples and many other variations. The ease at which you can enjoy this stone is the first indicator of its connection to the Solar Plexus Energy Center which deals primarily with our full range of emotions. In this case, Mookite opens you to the more expansive emotions associated with enjoyment and playfulness.

Even with this strong connection to the solar plexus and core of the emotional energy body, Mookite also has a practical nature that is felt through the mental body. Mookite sends the mind a message to “get things organized and put away” so that you can go out and play. Mind you, many people have developed belief and value systems governing their need to earn, prove or be deserving of the pleasures in life. Mookite doesn’t reinforce these beliefs, but instead, bypasses them. By learning to bypass these beliefs, you will come to understand that beliefs offer little truth about your journey and simply limit your ability to experience the abundance that surrounds you.

Another way that the practicality of Mookite serves is by helping you to see things in their simplest terms. Let’s face it; making things complicated is human nature. The truth is that by keeping things simple, you are less likely to take on additional or unnecessary stress.

Beyond enjoyment and practicality, you will find a strong resonance with your Crown Energy Center. Use Mookite to assist you with tapping into Higher Guidance, especially that of Mother Nature and the cycles of life. There is an ease and flow of energies you can tap into that will open synchronicity and coincidence all around you. It is through the process of connecting with this flow of energies that you will truly begin to see how you create everything in your life. Mookite helps to open your eyes to the magic and wonder that surrounds you!

Properties:  Self-awareness, Higher Guidance, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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