Moldative | The Magic of Crystals


Energy Center: Heart

Full Scoop: Moldative is the ultimate Crystal for transformation. Created by the heat and impact of a meteorite hitting the earth over 12 million years ago. The intense heat changed the minerals it came into contact with as they were hurled back into the atmosphere… eventually falling back to earth in the Czech Rebublik. This mossy green Tektite is highly sought after.

It is considered a high-vibration stone and energetically one of the easiest for most people to sense and feel in their physical body. People are either very drawn to this stone and once they wear or carry a piece with them, prefer to have it with them at all times. OR.., they have a hard time wearing or carrying Moldavite. Its energy is not compatible with theirs (at least initially).

It is also considered a Galactic gift. An offering from other star systems to the Earth. With the blending of this gift and the planet, something completely new emerged.

This combination of Galactic energy and the transformative nature of Moldavite make it a very popular stone for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of their relationship to/with All-That-Is.

Although Moldavite works will all of the Energy Centers of the body, it has its strongest connection to the Heart Energy Center or chakra. When held in meditation, one frequently senses an opening in the Heart and the opportunity and willingness to shift, change or evolve any current patterns, circumstances or barriers that are impeding personal expansion and growth.

Moldative wants to move quickly. Regardless of the type of inner work you are doing, it promotes rapid change. Frequently this can seem as if you barely had the awareness of something emerging.., and then it is over. It doesn’t seem to allow you to take time to build or construct a story. As a result, you may feel yourself shifting or changing, yet when you attempt to describe what is happening to someone else, may be quite challenging. Words don’t seem to fit.

Moldative is often a good stone to work with for those interested in channeling. Although it does not assist with achieving the relaxed and meditative state most conducive for channeling, it does help once you have developed this skill.

By wearing Moldative while channeling, you are likely to find it easier to let go of any attachment to your small story or limited view of yourself. Doubts about you ability to connect with the unseen world are minimized. It has the added benefit of strengthening the connection to Off-planet or Galactic energies or entities. For those interested in extraterrestrial experiences, this stone may be very helpful.

Moldative is a “big picture” crystal. It helps you to see the circumstance and situations you are experiencing, from a distance. It helps to harmonize your emotions. This is not about limiting or avoiding any emotions. Instead, it balances them together in a way that allows you to experience them as a whole. Versus getting locked into or replaying just certain ones. This is another way Moldative lends its transformative energies to personal and spiritual growth. In this way it is also a powerful crystal for supporting increased prosperity in your life.

Energy Center: Heart (All)

Energy Body: ALL

Properties: Transformation, Prosperity, Vitality