Mahogany Obsidian | The Magic of Crystals

Mahogany Obsidian

Energy Center: Reproductive

Full Scoop: Mahogany Obsidian is an ideal companion for artists, authors, marketers or creatives. It stimulates new ways of thinking about familiar situations. It can trigger inspiration and insights and offer possible new solutions when a situation or project seems to have stalled.

Like all Obsidians, the lack of internal structure within Mahogany Obsidian encourages us to color outside the lines. For those who are feeling restricted by rules, familiar patterns or simply blocked, this crystal may be ideal for helping to get things moving again.

This momentum is not caused by a sense of non-conforming. Instead it is simply a relaxation of preconceived ideas. A dismantling of limiting thoughts.., our own internalized structures. This means that initially, some of the ideas may seem far-fetched. However, don’t discount them. This is one way that Mahogany Obsidian helps to move us beyond our old ways of thinking. A stretching of the imagination.

Yet there is also a grounding quality to Mahogany Obsidian, which makes actualizing a project or effort more attainable. Unlike Black Obsidian which is more strongly felt in the physical body, the grounding energies of this Crystal are more strongly connected to our emotions. We “feel” grounded.

Allow Mahogany Obsidian to put some momentum and motivation into your step. It has an uplifting quality that mimics determination with an eye toward completing the current goal or task at hand. It can provide that burst of endurance and forward thinking when the mind is heavy or busy with distracting thoughts.

Energy Center: Reproductive

Energy Body: Emotional

Properties: Creativity, Vitality, Grounding