Lithium Quartz | The Magic of Crystals

Lithium Quartz

Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop: There are gentle, calming energies created by Lithium Quartz.  These energies feel almost physical in nature, because they seem to compress and pull the mental mind chatter in close to the body.  Much like a stocking cap does to hair on a windy day.   It is as if the over-active thoughts are reeled in, and the sense of feeling of manageability is restored.  It assists in minimizing confusion.

With the chatter calmed and the sense of manageability restored, you have the ability to consider the same situations or activities, with more clarity and focus.  It assists in putting you back in the driver’s seat.

Many times this will reveal the attitudes and beliefs that are limiting or diminishing your ability to come to resolution or make a decision.  It is by recognizing these attitudes or beliefs, you have a chance to release, shift or change them~especially when they are negative in nature.

While working with Lithium Quartz, your access to Higher Self is enhanced.  Your ability to navigate complex situations is improved, as you are more aligned with your own purpose and life path.  Access to optimum futures are most easily offered when we are connected to our Higher Self.  Through this connection, it is easier to sense and experience the pleasing harmonies of Life.

Lithium Quartz may assist in seeing where you are holding on to tightly to a particular outcome or result.  This affords the opportunity to release the attachment to a dream or desire looking a certain way.  As an example, you have a desire for promotion, however, the only position you consider is in your current area.  When you release this limitation, more opportunities present themselves.  Let go of “How”.  There is peace and tranquility  beyond this need for things to go our way!  It is a powerful ally in helping to set down the illusion of control!

Properties:  Clarity,  Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7