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Energy Center: Crown

The Full Scoop: The light purple color of this stone comes from Lithium and is calming and soothing is several ways.  First appreciate the color. There is something about this lavender to pale violet color that instills calmness.  Subconsciously it is already connecting with our Crown Energy Center.  We are reminded of the Divine and our own Higher Guidance.  Any time we feel this connection we are reminded that we are a part of everything, of All-That-Is. The impact of color should not be taken lightly.  Every color carries its own unique frequency.

Then the Lithium in its natural state is also calming. When working with Lepidolite your body has access to this natural calming property. This is not a pharmaceutically altered drug. It is a simple mineral that your body knows how to interact with.

In addition, this stone works through the Mental Energy Body.  It does this by calming the brain activity and soothing the intensity of circular thinking.  If you have a tendency to always be in a hurry, Lepidolite is an ideal reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey. It provides enough interruption to the thought processes so that your mind can step off the hamster-wheel.  Circular thinking, analyzing, reliving, processing and sorting information in your mind is the first step many of us take in creating denser negative emotional energy that creates dis-ease.

Conversely, when we can slow this processing down enough to break the pattern, then it is easier to connect with our Higher Guidance. Lepidolite can strengthen our connection to this guidance which supports us in setting a new direction. All of this points to Lepidolite’s ability to support those with hyperactivity, attention deficit or those who deal with depression or worrying obsessively.

Properties:  Clarity, Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 2.5 – 3

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