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Kyanite – Black

Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Black Kyanite is an ideal stone for both grounding and clarity of mind. It quickly calms and active mind with a jolt of clarity. Once the mind is quiet, it is easier to ground and feel centered, allowing for a more practical assessment of what is going on around you. When the mind is over active, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize, discern and make decisions. Black Kyanite can assist with each of these.

Black Kyanite has noticeable masculine energies. This is a great crystal for anyone who is multitasking and feels unsure which direction to take or how to prioritize their work. It assists with moving forward.

In addition, this appears to be a good crystal to work with for balancing hormones. In particular testosterone, although not exclusively. Many times a common side affect of lower levels of testosterone is a feeling of haziness or dulled thinking. Black Kyanite may help to counter-balance the effects.

Black Kyanite, like the other colors of this crystal, is a strong ally for evolving consciousness and can assist with the ability to integrate new energies. It is especially adept at helping to untangle complex mental or emotional issues and finding a clear path forward. Sometimes this means resolving past issues (even past lives) and unbundling the choices that have lead to limiting or destructive patterns or habits. As these past events are revealed, Black Kyanite assists with releasing, integrating and/or healing them.

Properties:  Clarity, Grounding, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness

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