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Kambaba Stone

Energy Center: Reproductive

The Full Scoop: Kambaba Stone assist you in making a strong connection to Nature and the power of the elements (Fire, Air, Wind & Earth). It is strongest with the Earth element and in particular the wisdom of the Forest. In this way, it also creates a strong connection with the Mental Energy Body.

Nature is resourceful and always finds a way to create balance. Sometimes finding and creating balance can seem as if it is an uncomfortable but necessary process. Just as the Redwood tree needs the intensity of fire or lightening to propagate―sometimes you will need to take action or experience intense shifts or changes in order to find your balance. The balance that Kambaba Stone works with in this case is best represented by alignment of your Energy Bodies.

By working with this crystal you are likely to see with more clarity, the path ahead. This includes creative ideas on how to navigate the terrain that lies in front of you. These ideas are usually with a focus on maximizing your personal growth.
Kambaba Stone holds creative, resourceful and practical energies. You are more likely to determine the simplest solutions to challenges, as it promotes understanding and knowledge of the situation. It can also assist to minimize the energy of doubt or feeling small.

Another thing you might notice about the Kambaba Stone is that it likes to be held. It feels friendly in your hand. You eyes are drawn to it. It feels comfortable in your hand. This is just another way that it helps you to connect with Nature. By getting lost or distracted by the easiness of the crystal, it allows you to slip into the energies Oneness-with-All!

Properties:  Self-awareness, Balance, Creativity

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5 – 7

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