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Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Jet is an interesting non-stone.  It is really driftwood that was buried in sea mud and, over time, shifted or morphed into Jet.  It is very similar to charcoal and has the property of being able to clear and clean energy.  It works first and foremost with the mental body.

When you first hold Jet, it is cool to the touch.  It may start to get warm in your hand, however, and it almost appears to jump to uber-hot.  (where it is so hot it feels icy). It makes you stop and take notice of how it feels in your hand.  It is also surprising for a lot of people, because it is so light.  Even when you have held Jet before, you are once again surprised that something that appears so dense, can be so light.

These are the first indications that it is working to clear your mind.  You forget what you were thinking about and start to focus on the Jet.  Once you begin to try and formulate what you know about it, or what you are experiencing, you have also begun to let go of whatever else was occupying your mind. From here, if you keep your focus on the Jet and how it affects you, you will notice your energy coming back to center.  From finding your center, it eventually leads to a sense of being grounded. This is a different approach to grounding than many stones, like Black Tourmaline, Onyx or Obsidian (as these generally work directly with the physical body first) or Carnelian or Tiger Iron (which work with the emotional body).

Once you are centered and grounded working with Jet will support you during times of transition and/or transformation. Most of us on the planet will be experiencing a lot of that over the next few years.  Jet knows how to transform and transition. Much like a butterfly that has gone through a chrysalis Jet, too, started in one form only to end up in another.  Let it show you through clearer thinking what is next for you.  If you start to pollute your thinking, it can assist with the clearing of that energy.

Jet carries with it a wisdom of the ages. It can help you see things from a distance without attachment and to speak to both or multiple sides of any situation.  This is very valuable during times of transition, especially now, when we are moving from the world of duality, where right and wrong, black and white, good or bad are part of our DNA. That will all slip away or no longer hold resonance as we move to new and higher levels of Consciousness.

Properties: Clarity, Grounding, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3 – 4

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