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Iridescent Lemurian Gold Quartz

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Iridescent Lemurian Gold Quartz is from Arkansas. This crystal was discovered in a mine that has been in production since the late ‘80s, yet was not discovered until 2012. It is Orange-Yellow in color and has a natural iridescence. It gets this color and natural coating from Hematite/Iron Oxide.

This crystal supports ease of movement through energetic frequency shifts and promotes access to downloaded information. There are many people who are feeling shifts and changes, both in their bodies and surrounding them. Many are also aware that they are sensing new information for navigating their lives, even if they can’t quite explain it. Iridescent Lemurian Gold may act as a translator or conduit to this new information. It can also assist those who are physically sensitive to the energetic shifts. It supports them to move to the next level with less physical discomfort.

Much of our ability to move through times of transformation is linked to emotional fluency. If you are willing to connect to and express your emotions in a healthy way, you are fluid. If expressing emotions is something that you shy away from or your emotions feel constricting or painful, you are blocked. There are many reasons that people choose to avoid staying present to their emotions (upbringing, trauma, history, unpleasant experiences). Regardless of what the original motivations are (even if we don’t recognize them!), the results is the same. We create dis-ease within the physical body, by holding on to these emotions. It is more difficult to move through change and transformation, because we are trying to control our emotions based on our unique situations and perspectives. Our full-range of emotions are held in the Solar Plexus Energy Center of the body.

Working with Iridescent Lemurian Gold may open this energy center and allow you to experience access to your emotions without having to engage “the stories” that you tell yourself, which usually includes limiting beliefs. Once you allow access to your emotions to become more fluid, then the Iridescent Lemurian Gold creates a link to the intuitive mind, so that it can lead you though the process of transformation. The intuitive mind does not rely on the experiences of your past to inform you of the right choice in the moment. When you trust the intuitive mind… it simply knows what is right for you.

By opening the Solar Plexus and connecting the intuitive mind (Third Eye) you engage the imagination and stimulate creativity, innovation, insight, perception, and finesse. From this state of awareness, it is easier to understand your own mastery. You are able to leverage your intelligence, talent, acumen and astuteness to navigate the moment with ease.

Through the alignment of these two Energy Centers, your ability to make the shifts and changes that are required, in order to stay centered and aligned while moving to higher levels of consciousness or great personal awareness, are amplified. You won’t have to wonder if you’re “getting it”. Instead you will experience it by the synchronicity and rightness of the experiences that are unfolding in front of you.

Properties: Balance, Transformation, Intuition

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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