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Honey Calcite

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Honey Calcite is a crystal of contemplation.  The Solar Plexus Energy Center is home to our full range of emotions.  With our willingness to be authentic and vulnerable on one end of the emotional spectrum and our desire (and false belief that we can) to control on the other. This crystal slows us down and has us contemplate what is true for us in any given moment.
This slowing down and review process can be quite moving as much of what is presented comes through the Emotional Body.  When you can tap into what truly resonates with you, what really matters, your ability to learn and discern is increased.

Many of us find ourselves in times of turmoil or change, when we are not connected to a strong sense of self and the turmoil appears to be not of our making. The truth is everything is of our making.  Our emotions and our thoughts inform our reality and shape of our perspective of the events in our lives.  By connecting with and contemplating the emotional stories and beliefs we hold our abilities to discern and choose what is right for us is increased.

The other side of this is the learning.  For many of us once we are past our formal education, our abilities to study, memorize and retain information are diminished.  This is because we are out of practice AND that this way of learning is no longer interesting.  Now is the time to connect emotionally to what moves, inspires and intrigues you.  Memorizing, which is an activity of the mind is not enough. However finding a subject that speaks to your passions and delights you will show that you have endless ways to absorb this new information.  Honey Calcite can help you with this too, even the aspects of this new passion that seem mundane.

Finding new ways to connect with your desires and choosing what is right for you is a path of transformation.

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 3

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