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Himalayan Ice Quartz

Energy Center: Solar

The Full Scoop: Himalayan Ice Quartz (aka: Nirvana Quartz) is an ancient quartz that is just recently being revealed, as a result of receding glaciers.  It is an amazing example of what is called interference quartz, which is when calcite or other minerals bond with the quartz during its formation, only to eventually disappear.  This gives the Himalayan Quartz a very unique texture and makes it easier to identify.

This quartz carries the wisdom of the ancient ones who have the ability to move in and out of physical form.  Think of this as the ability to effortlessly shift a situation quickly with concise, thoughtful words and/or action.  Self-guidance that is offered with patience and precision.

It may also allow you to shift and release old patterns or behaviors that are creating points of constriction in the body.  Whether caused by thoughts or emotions, these blockages can be dissolved and processed without you having to know the origin or the details.  What is most important is to not attach a story to the shift.  In other words, don’t decide that the shift is about a particular topic, event, person or experience.  Instead allow it to serve your highest good, and release whatever it is completely with grace and ease.

Himalayan Ice Quartz is a perfect reminder that our wounds, scars and blemishes are an important part of who we are.  They make us who we are, and when can embrace them as part of our whole self, we understand that they are not problems or burdens.  They are simply part of our uniqueness… And our uniqueness actually strengthen our connection to Oneness and All-That-Is.

Properties: Self-awareness, Higher Guidance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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