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Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Like many of the black stones you might choose to work with, Hematite is a good one for grounding, clearing and protection.  The grounding needs to and does start first.  It can feel as though you are being pulled into your body.  The energy is visceral and quick.  For a moment your Root Energy Center may actually feel as if it is a physical location!

It is this awareness in your lower abdomen-to-tailbone area that informs you your personal energy is being pulled in and grounded into your body.  It can be such a physical experience that a clearing of the mind begins almost immediately.  It does this by drawing our attention away from the mind.  It seems as we connect with the Hematite, we are so focused on it or on our own body that the active mind is not that interesting.  Once you notice that the mind starts to clear, you intuit that this clearing is happening on many levels.

The way Hematite protects the energetic body can feel as though a shell or hard casing is forming around you.  It feels more as if it blocks negative energy and pushes it away from you than it does absorbing and transmuting it.  It is probably a blend of both. However, the important part is how it feels for you.  Whether for you it feels as though it creates and blocks negative energy or it absorbs and transmutes it, align your intentions for self-protection with what works best for you.

Don’t forget that having a strong connection to the physical body is an important component in evolving Consciousness.  It is through this unique physical experience that we have the opportunity to raise the quality and frequency of the resonant energies of the planet.

A note about Magnetic Hematite:  This is not a natural process and in some ways alters the effectiveness of this stone.  It can feel less grounding.  On the other hand, it adds the energy of playfulness to Hematite, which is not an energy you would normally think of with this stone.  As a result, many people will be drawn to it and may possibly work with it longer.  So, the decrease in effectiveness may be offset by extended use of it.  If you find you are drawn to the playful energy of Magnetic Hematite, trust you intuition!

Properties: Grounding, Protection, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 5.5 – 6.5

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