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Halite (Pink)

Energy Center: Heart

Description:Can something be delicate and strong at the same time? We think so! And for proof, look no further than Halite. In this case Pink Halite.

This ‘anything but typical’ Rock Salt crystal is extremely soft (2 – 2.5 MOHS) and dissolves easily (or deteriorates in high humidity environments). So don’t make the mistake of rinsing or submerging it in water.

It’s crystal formation can look and be very delicate. In fact, this is one of the many qualities of Pink Halite that draws you in! Visually it is stunning and even from a distance seems to make a strong connection. Of course it pulls you in by your Heart Energy Center. The Energy Center of Love.

Pink Halite reminds us that the way we have divided-up Love is a Humanity’s attempt to understand our connection to the Universe and our Source. Somehow with all the machinations of being in a physical, emotional and mental body.., we have forgotten we are unconditionally Loved. We don’t need to do, prove, earn or work for this Love. It is actually our natural state of Being. Unfortunately, we have put so many beliefs, values, biases and years of conditioning between us and our Divine Nature, that we have forgotten. Pink Halite reminds us. It reminds us we are more than our personalities and our stories.

Much of the esoteric, spiritual work that is making the greatest difference on the planet right now is “remembering”. This crystal is a perfect ally to assist with this higher calling. We came here fully loaded. We imagine that we learn things, when in truth what we are doing is remembering.

If you are at a point where you are ready to move to the next level of awareness, work with this crystal to assist with letting go of the ego’s drive. Instead allow your energetic field to be filled with ease, and allow your imagination to bring forward that which is most crucial for your own personal expansion. The opening and connection you make through Pink Halite could offer a key to your emerging future.

Because it is the mineral form of sodium chloride it is also very cleansing and purifying. Since it is usually too fragile to hold or carry… it is often use for cleansing or purifying a room, area, or space. However because it is fragile it is also possible to find it in small pieces. This form is ideal for a bath and can be used by itself or in conjunction with essential oils.

Energy Body: Spiritual

Properties: Transformation, Clearing, Self-awareness

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