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Green Aventurine

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: This Heart Energy Center stone is both soothing and protective of the Heart Center.  At first it is possible to feel the center of your chest being blanketed in energetic warmth. This is followed by the sensation of light energy being projected from this same area with the intention of keeping away unhealthy or negative energy.  It’s a good stone to work with if your heart feels particularly vulnerable.

With that said, when you are feeling well connected to a strong sense of self, Green Aventurine is a good stone to work with to attract the energy of prosperity.  As you know and as you feel a stronger connection to what feels right for you, you will remember that prosperity is always available to you.  Limits are self-imposed and can be lifted.  This is the awakening that many of us go through during mid-life.  Letting go of limiting beliefs and opening to all that is available to us is a natural part of our evolution when we are willing to dispense with old stories.

Green Aventurine will support you in finding clarity and peace of mind.  One of the ways it does this is that it pulls the foggy or repetitive thought patterns down into the Heart Center and out of the analytical mind.  When working with or wearing Green Aventurine, allow your thoughts to sink.  At first it may feel as though you are giving up when the reality is you are giving over. You are giving over the situation at hand to your entire self. When you do this you open to clear knowing and desire, you begin to activate your intuition and you are more receptive to Higher Guidance and messages from your physical body that help inform your decisions and choices. Use Green Aventurine as a stone of discernment.

Properties: Clarity, Protection, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5

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