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Green Apophyllite

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Green Apophyllite emanates healing energies that are steady and strong—yet feel are easily absorbed.  The affects of this stone may be felt long after you are done working with it.  It is particularly potent in the hands of an experienced Energy Worker that uses crystals in their healing practice.  They are considered sophisticated or advanced healing tools.  When held or placed on the body, the resonant energies of this crystal may be experienced for extended periods of time, from where ever you experienced contact with this crystal, the closest meridian or energy center.

The color green has long been associated with healing and the Heart Energy Center.  It is no different with this crystal.  Their expansive energies help to open the Heart Energy Center.  This is optimal for any kind of self-healing, as it allows you to tap into Unconditional Love, especially that of self-love.  It carries the frequencies of forgiveness and compassion.  Yet, because of the steady flow of energies, it is like a stream of running water that continually loosens blockages and washes away debris.  This could be old memories, forgotten beliefs, conflicting values, hidden or unexpressed emotions or mental stress.

Because Green Apophyllite has this strong, steady energetic flow, it may feel intense at times.  Although, like a vigorous massage, this may also be experienced as soothing.

This is a great crystal to work with when you are trying to energize and balance the energy centers of the body.  It reflects and refracts light easily and fills the energetic field with this infused Light.  When used in this way, it does not attempt to heal or transmute discordant energies, instead it simply pushes them out of the way and fills the  field with clean energies.  Think of it as an infusion of Mother Nature’s pure essence.

Finally, when Green Apophyllite is done with it’s primary tasks of healing, it is also a good crystal to work with when you are ready to get some clarity around a situation.  This could be in the form of improved decision making, prioritization or even assessment and analysis.  It can help to clear away excessive thought patterns that are getting in the way of these mental activities and provide the need connection between the heart and mind!

Properties:  Self-awareness, Clarity, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 4.5 – 5

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