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Energy Center: Root

The Full Scoop: Galena is a natural form of Lead sulfide. It appears to assist with clearing work within the body and is a good stone to work with during times of transition. Especially when trying to define, separate or shift two or more people or things.

Galena is a natural form of Lead sulfide and often contains significant amounts of silver (as silver sulfide or limited solids). It is abundant and widely used.
Even though Galena has a very metallic appearance, it’s weight is still quite deceptive. Because of it’s density, it creates a natural connection to the Root Energy Center and a sense of being anchored in the physical body. At the same time it creates an interesting link between the Physical and Mental Energy Bodies. It is both fragile (Hardness or 2 – 2.5 Mohs scale) and heavy at the same time.

First and foremost it appears to be doing clearing work within the body… by pushing energy out in to the etheric field that surrounds each of us. This has a tendency to affect our thought patterns and ability to focus. In this case it is a good thing! Rather than needing to figure out or have the
answers to what it is doing; it allows you to simply focus on the sensations created by interacting with the Galena.

It shifts and moves blockages, breaking them down into smaller matter that can be processed by the systems of the body with ease. This may be a component of its binary nature.

Galena is a good stone to work with during times of transition when trying to define, separate or shift two or more people or things. It can help you to see the natural lines of definition, or easiest points of separation. This can be especially helpful if you are a teacher, coach, mentor or advisor. It assist with you seeing the aspects of a situation and the value of each.

Galena promotes steady, sure-footedness and can help you to stay the course. It is a workhorse for assisting with changes and shifts in your life while at the same time, making them easier and requiring less force. This may be because of its interesting blend of both masculine and feminine energies. The “Lead” component is masculine, methodical and determined. While the “Silver” represents feminine, flow and non-attachment. Helpful if either or both of these energies are in short supply!

Properties: Clearing, Balance, Transformation

Mohs Scale – Hardness

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