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Fuchsite with Ruby

Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Fuchsite with Ruby is a soft-energy stone that supports mental clarity.  Our lives are frequently organized in systems or processes. This is a stone to work with to help establish a stronger connection with these processes.

Think of this as the areas of your life where you have created routines. These routines represent the systems or processes in your life.  If you are having a hard time establishing a routine that you feel is important, Fuchsite with Ruby may assist you in figuring it out.

Fuchsite is helpful in organizing work-related projects. This includes developing project plans, timelines, milestones, clear deliverables, et cetera. One of the ways it assists us in defining these structures is by connecting us to our heart’s desire. As a matter of fact, the Heart Energy Center is the primary one that is affected by Fuchsite. By strengthening the bond between mental clarity and heartfelt desire, it is much easier to make decisions.

The Ruby, on the other hand, helps bridge this Heart energy(desire) to the Root Energy Center, which is an essential component for bringing your desires into the physical realm.  As a result, this is a great stone for manifesting.

Fuchsite with Ruby is a wonderful stone for pregnant women or anyone who is birthing something new in the world. The mental clarity of the heart’s desire, connected to the physical, is a potent (yet gentle) combination for creating real change or transformation.

It can also be a gentle tether for those who have a hard time staying in their physical bodies because of a more natural connection with the etheric realms.  It is a more enticing bind for them, versus some of the tools that feel more like a heavy pair of boots.

Properties: Clarity, Transformation, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 4 – 5

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