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Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: Fluorite comes in almost every color of the rainbow. A favorite color is Fluorite that is banded with another color.  Fluorite’s beautiful color variety reminds everyone of the variety of ways that Fluorite is here to support you.  One senses is that it is strongest in the mental and emotional bodies however, it is also a good stone to work with for genetic issues of the physical body.

Think of Fluorite as a crystal that can help infuse your energy centers with positive and uplifting energy.  First it helps clear and cleanse the energy centers and then it may replenish positive energy, much like Sweetgrass, Cedar or Lavender infuse a Light energy during a Sage smudging.

Interestingly enough, when working with Fluorite you should simply observe what you are experiencing and not try to interpret it as it is the figuring out or interpreting that engages the mind/mental body. Just allow the images in your imagination to flow and stay connected to how they affect you. Allow colors to move and swirl around you.  

Allow sensations in your body to just be without interpreting them.  It is staying in this Observer role that will allow you to see clearly what is at the core of your beliefs, values, judgments and/or intense thoughts.

Banded Fluorite is an expert at community, cooperation, and relationships.  It models give and take and fluid movement.  So, think of this stone when you are trying to create any of these, especially the ones that are less intimate.  (work, home owners’ association, PTA). These may not be the most important relationships or situations in our lives, but many of us have enough of them to add extra weight or complexity to our lives. This crystal can help put them in perspective while at the same time lightening the load or impact they have on us. They help minimize the energy we carry of “necessary burden” which is the path to martyrdom.

Another quality of Fluorite is its ability to help us deal with our emotions in layers. This is much like Tiger Eye; however, Tiger Eye and Fluorite go about it in different ways.  Fluorite does this by spreading the dense emotional energy across the energy centers of the body so that we can see which receptors within the body were triggered by emotional events, even the ones that have built up over time.  

This informs us about our patterns for coping with emotional triggers.  As an example, if our Root Energy Center receives information that threatens our safety or security (possible layoff at work, more bills due than money in the checking account), and the immediate reaction is in the Throat Energy Center and we become constricted because we don’t want to have to express this (to ourselves or others), this creates a physical sense of not being able to breathe. So, we push that as fear into our Solar Plexus (or pick your favorite organ, gland, muscle, area of the body to store fear) and we might begin to feel victimized, but with this information about how you process mental/emotional energy, you can start to make new choices.

Properties: Clarity, Balance, Clearing

Mohs Scale – Hardness 4 – 5

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