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Fancy Jasper

Energy Center: 3rd Eye

The Full Scoop: Fancy Jasper stimulates the imagination and creates a sense of wonder.  This combination is powerful for exploring and expanding your intuitive senses.  This is particularly helpful if you are not sure which of your intuitive senses is naturally your strongest.  

For many, as they begin to explore their intuitive gifts, their awareness of these internal guidance systems is new and perhaps limited in understanding.  As they go about reading, studying or hearing about the various intuitive gifts, that are available (to everyone), they may be looking for predetermined experiences or results.  When in reality, the ability to connect and work with your intuitive senses is as unique as each individual.

The imagination is the bridge to this mystical world.  By using this bridge, you access the power of metaphors and the metaphysical. In other words, using the imagination to explore the subtle nuances of abstract thoughts, feelings, knowings or sounds, while applying unique analogies and assessments that perhaps mean little to anyone else.  However to the individual they promote an understanding, a resemblance if you will, of something in their life experience and knowledge-base that helps them to see, hear, feel or know the truth of something that otherwise, may be too vague or unreliable to trust.

Fancy Jasper invites you to explore.  Through color, patterns, layers and imagery it creates a journey for the mind to begin “putting the pieces together”.  As a result it can help organize and connect seemingly disparate thoughts.  It can assist in making a connection between thoughts and emotions.  This may be a powerful trigger for initiating or expanding creative projects or helping to see an old situation in a new light.

The way Fancy Jasper works with the combination of the Third Eye and Reproductive Energy Centers of the body, makes this crystal an ideal one to work with when you are looking for a constant flow of energies for several hours at a time.  It is stimulating without being frantic or too intense.

Properties:  Intuition, Creativity, Vitality

Mohs Scale – Hardness 6.5 – 7

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