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Faden Quartz

Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: Faden (pronounced FAAA-din) Quartz is known for its ability to assist in healing the physical body and creating stronger links between two different things. Faden is the German word for fiber or thread. This is one of the ways that Faden Quartz is identified… by the presence of what appears to be a fiber (like a piece of yarn) that runs through the crystal. Some of the crystals will have multiple fibers.

Where it appears there is a line or fiber that runs though the crystal is actually where the crystal is self-healed. It is this experience of self-healing that contributes to the Faden Quartz’s ability to assist with your healing process.

When using this for healing purposes, it is best to visualize two things coming together with ease or strong connection. Healing a wound, muscle to bone, ligaments to tendons, joint to socket, a reset bone, etc.

This self-healing and connection can also be used between two people whose relationship has been challenged or where (re)creating a bond is desired. Another way to consider working with this crystal, is when you are trying to reconnect to an aspect of yourself that you have forgotten, buried or abandoned. Many times when we marginalize an aspect of ourselves, it is actually an attempt to protect ourselves. Then we realize that this missing aspect is actually holding us back and instead of keeping it at arms length, must be embraced as part of the whole.

Another way to work with Faden Quartz is to strengthen the Energy Bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It may assist to connect the Energy Bodies and align, patch and seal the personal energy field that surrounds you! Many Healers will incorporate Faden Quartz into their healing modality specifically for this reason.

When deciding whether or not Faden Quartz is the appropriate crystal to work with or wear; think of words such as resilience, bonding, determination, persistence, acceptance, connection, attraction, adhesiveness! Something that many of us could use!

Properties: Transformation, Protection, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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