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Energy Center: Heart

The Full Scoop: Emerald is a crystal that helps you connect with and take action based upon your heart’s desire! It connects us with the truly important people in our lives and reminds us to honor and care for them and to treat them with compassion. Emerald can help you stay centered in your heart’s wisdom. From here you will not be distracted by ideas or thoughts which sound reasonable but do not truly resonate with your soul’s journey. It is a salve for heartbreak and reminds you that the most important person to love is yourself.

Blessings flow easily into your life when you are connected to your heart’s desire. Since Emerald can help you sustain this connection, it can help to entrain your vibration with the spectrum of abundance thus allowing you to attract whatever you desire.

As Emerald strengthens the Heart Energy Center and stimulates the physical heart it supports your awareness of your own personal power and it allows you to see when you are being seduced by martyr or victim energy. This crystal can help you tap into your inner courage—another emotion which can assist you in staying connected with your heart’s journey. As it rejuvenates and refreshes the emotional and physical heart, it can be used as a stone of Love. It will help you view the events, people and circumstances in your life with compassion and acceptance.

Emerald is also known as one of the stones of prosperity. It is a powerful Emotional Energy Body stone that has wonderful effects on the emotional and physical bodies. It carries the energy of prosperity and abundance into your energetic fields.

Emerald can help you maintain a strong connection in your primary relationship, by imbuing a sense of commitment and honor. As a result, it has been said that this crystal can be beneficial for those involved in legal affairs, lawsuits or those people who have to go to court.

Properties: Self-awareness, Clarity, Manifestation

Mohs Scale – Hardness 8

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