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Elestial Quartz

Energy Center: All

The Full Scoop: Elestial Quartz carries the same properties as other quartz with the abilities to amplify and generate energy, programability and the ability to hold memory.  At the same time an Elestial Quartz tends to be more focused on personal transformation and accelerated learning.  Just as this type of quartz grows more rapidly than other quartz, it supports you in more rapid growth as well.

Think of this stone as the relationship stone between you and your Higher Self.  It is an ambassador whose primary focus is supporting your spiritual transformation.  The Higher Self is usually the earliest guide most of us are aware of.  It is a sense or a voice we hear that tells us if someone or something is aligned with our personal values.  The Higher Self sees and knows the possible optimal futures available to us and reminds us of the Life purpose we are here for and whether or not something supports our journey towards that purpose.

The thing about discovering and following your Life purpose is that it is revealed in stages.  Too much at one time and we could be easily overwhelmed.  Elestial Quartz actually attunes to what we are ready to learn/know and then helps us connect with the most supportive energy for that frequency.
As our energy and capacity to learn expands and shifts energy, an Elestial Quartz will also shift so that attunement to new energy is available.  As a result these are stones that can evolve with us, and end up becoming life-long companions.

As the name implies, these crystals help strengthen our connections to our angels, guides and other Light entities.  Each of us is unique, and so is our support team.   If you feel Divine guidance in your life, yet want to deepen the connection or develop a stronger relationship with this guidance, Elestial Quartz will be a beautiful ambassador.  

Properties: Self-Awareness, Transformation, Higher Guidance

Mohs Scale – Hardness 7

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